The other stuff is mostly web
While our interest is in developing e-commerce sites, we also undertake other assignments that we find interesting or challenging.

What would interest us? Let's start with what we are good at. Since e-commerce is our bread and butter, we have a fairly good handle on most web technologies. Almost anything to do with a web presence for your company should be something that we can do very well.

If you do not have an e-commerce store, and are not planning to create one in the future, you may still need a website that people can find easily, and interesting enough for them to become your customers, or at least become regular visitors. You may need to advertise on the internet to win new customers, or keep in touch with your existing customers through email. We can help you do all this.
If not the web...
If the help you need seems to fall outside the areas we have described, but is at least somewhat related to software, or the internet, don't be shy - email George at . He will let you know fairly quickly whether Redstart can help you or not.

If we do not have the skills (or the interest), we may know someone who is good, and interested. We will put the two of you in touch, and rest happy that we did our good deed for the day.