What we do
For a new e-commerce venture, we do everything that is needed to get the store up and running. We design and implement the software that runs the store and allows customers to browse products and make purchases. Read more about the software we use here.

Good visual design and copy are important to the success of the store, and we like to do this ourselves.

Once the store is operational, we track it closely, and work with our clients to ensure that new customers come to the store, existing customers return more frequently, and sales increase.

Though we can set up a store, and hand over the running of the store to the client once it is operational, we prefer assignments where we can continue working to make it successful. And while we prefer to setup online stores from scratch, we look forward to the challenge of turning around existing stores to increase their sales.
What we like to do
We believe that the Open Source movement bestows huge benefits to consumers, and we use Open Source technologies and products wherever possible.

We enjoy working with clients who make products that are beautiful and unusual, and reflect an independent and creative spirit. In our own way, we try to bring the same beauty of form, function and utility to our e-commerce sites.

We enjoy working with international clients, but we will jump at the opportunity to work with an Indian business.

If you are involved in a business with a social relevance, we are already in love with you.